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Celebrating Swivt’s Journey: Connecting, Engaging, and Growing at Founder’s Night

Swivt Technologies recently marked a significant milestone in its history with a grand celebration – Founder’s Night. Held on the 7th of July, this memorable event brought together the entire Swivt family to commemorate the founding of the company. The evening was filled with captivating performances, heartfelt speeches, and an abundance of joy. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable highlights of this unforgettable night.











The enchanting Resu Villa, situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu, served as the venue for Founder’s Night. As the sun set, the venue transformed into a breathtaking sight, with the mesmerising view of Kathmandu’s sparkling night lights below and the vast expanse of the night sky above. The stage was set for an evening that would leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.











The evening commenced with a grand royal entrance by the visionary behind Swivt, Mr. Subash Shahi. With heads held high and hearts filled with pride, the Heads of Departments led a spirited parade, accompanied by the vibrant sounds of a traditional Nepali band. The enthusiasm was contagious as employees followed suit, showcasing their unity and passion for the company.











To officially kick off the event, a ceremonial lighting of Diyo added a touch of sacredness and symbolised the beginning of the night. The stage was then set for an array of captivating traditional dance performances by Peace Culture Nepal.

The evening kicked off with a duet dance called Bhairav Kali Naach, where the performers beautifully portrayed the love between two deities through their graceful movements. This was followed by a high-energy Jhyaure dance, during which the crowd couldn’t help but join in the enthusiasm and cheer. The grand finale was a captivating Bajrayogini dance, a powerful solo performance of Newari culture.











As the formal part of the evening began, Mr. Subash Shahi, the visionary founder, popped open a bottle of champagne to commemorate Swivt’s remarkable journey, symbolising the company’s achievements and growth. As everyone gathered in the hall, Mr. Subash Shahi shared his personal journey from a rebellious teenager to the inspiring leader he is today. The audience was captivated by his stories and the transformational journey of Swivt Technologies. The presentation also highlighted Swivt’s vision, mission, and the core values that guide the company’s endeavours.











Founder’s Night provided a unique opportunity for Swivt-ians to engage directly with the founder. The floor was open for questions, allowing everyone to seek insights into the founder’s journey, the company’s policies, and any other topics of interest. The interactive session fostered a sense of openness and transparency, enabling meaningful discussions and strengthening the bond within the Swivt community.

One employee raised a question about the hurdles Mr. Shahi faced during his journey. His response provided inspiration and a reminder that success often comes after overcoming obstacles. Another employee expressed interest in Mr. Shahi’s thoughts on each of the teams and departments at Swivt. This question allowed for a deeper understanding of his perspective on the diverse facets of the organisation.











As the interactive session progressed, numerous questions continued to pour in, covering a wide range of topics. Employees inquired about the company’s future plans, sought advice on career growth, and delved into the founder’s personal beliefs and values. Each question was met with patience and thoughtful responses from Mr. Shahi, fostering an environment of open communication and mutual respect.

Following the interactive session, attendees had the chance to provide anonymous feedback through a dedicated form. This allowed everyone to express their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns directly to the management, ensuring that Swivt continues to evolve and improve as an organisation.











As the formal event drew to a close, the Swivt family came together for a delightful dinner with the founder. Conversations flowed, laughter echoed, and bonds were strengthened over a scrumptious meal. To mark the successful celebration, each attendee received a bag of Swivt goodies as a token of appreciation and remembrance.











Founder’s Night was truly an evening to cherish, reflecting Swivt’s journey of growth, unity, and dedication. The event not only celebrated the company’s achievements but also provided a platform for employees to connect, share their thoughts, and contribute to Swivt’s ongoing success. With memories and inspiration in their hearts, the Swivt-ians left Founder’s Night, looking forward to an even brighter future for Swivt Technologies.

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